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Consignment FAQS

Why consign with Sage? 

It’s good to be green and glam! Consigning with Sage is easy and there are benefits.  Upcycled, refurbished, and repurposed furniture decreases the amount of household items that end up in landfills each year. It’s easier on the environment and easier on your wallet.  Sage will prove to you that leaving a smaller carbon footprint can be fun and beautiful! We are also committed to being involved in our local community. We’re passionate about giving back and finding ways to make it an even better place to live and shop!​

Who can consign with Sage?
Anyone that owns or has the legal guardianship of property can consign an item for sale with Sage.  An item taken on consignment is entered in our data base and tracked until it is sold.  We will do our best to sell your items by marketing it in our store and on the internet.  We strive to bring the top dollar and find the best home for your treasures.

What items can be consigned with Sage?
We take a wide variety of items and styles; here are just a few categories…

  • Collectibles: sterling silver, books, art
  • Jewelry:  silver, gold, costume
  • Vintage: clothing, hats, accessories
  • Antique, Vintage, and Current Style Furniture: bureaus, side boards, consoles, desks, side or end tables, dressers, sofas, chairs bed frames, lighting, book cases, outdoor and patio sets, rugs, dining tables and chairs  

How is a price determined?
The pricing of your consigned items is determined by several factors; style, name brand, age, construction, current market value, and condition. Items that are free of exposure to tobacco products and house pets are preferred.

Can Sage help with downsizing my home?
Yes, we do offer down sizing assistance.  Our downsizing and design team  can work with you to edit, declutter, and stage your home for resale.  We will put our expertise to work to make your move stress free and to find a new home for your unwanted and unused items.

Consigning with Sage is easy

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